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Kitchen Estimator

This easy to use estimator tool will provide you with an estimated cost of your factory assembled Gallery Cabinets for 3 different levels of options and trim. You can even input your linear feet to estimate your own kitchen style and layout. Change the door style, layout & wall heights to see what impact these options have on your estimate.

Canterbury Pebble White (CPW)

Montego Matte White

Bradenton Pebble White (BPW)

Naples Pebble White (NPW)

Montego High Gloss White

Oxford High Gloss White

Hardwick Appliance White (HAW)

Montego Driftwood

Oxford Driftwood

Hartford Barley Glaze (HBG)

Townsend Pearl Gray (TPG)

Clearwater Tawny Glaze (CTG)

Legacy Tawny Glaze (LTG)

Montego Matte Gray

Montego High Gloss Metallic

Oxford High Gloss Metallic

Montego Platinum

Delray Cayenne (DCN)

Lyndale Cayenne (LCN)

Hendley Cayenne (HCN)

Pembroke Cranberry (PCB)

Lucerne Cranberry (LCB)

Kendale Cranberry (KCB)

Salem Midnight (SMG)

Regency Midnight Glaze (RMG)

Farmington Midnight Glaze (FMG)

Montego Waypost

Oxford Waypost



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